sipariş ve teslimat koşulları

Terms Of Guarantee

All products on sold at our website, are under guarantee of importer company. Guarantee periods are shown on product details. If periods do not shown on detail, guarantee period is 2 years.

Procedure to follow for faulty products

If the product you purchased is defective, you will be changed within 15 days if you have received your invoice with your invoice.Any accessory or packaging of the product to be replaced is not missing. In case of missing packaging or accessories, the product should be serviced by the importer company.

The Road to be Observed in the Event of Our Customers Outside Istanbul

Our normal return procedures are still valid. However, our customers should contact our technical service, which we recommend, to make sure that the product problem is not a problem with the software or their hardware. Products that are determined to be malfunctioning should be delivered to our company by cargo in the shortest time. (Cargo Payments will be made by our customers.)

Path to be Followed for Defective Products in Warranty Period

The product will be delivered in a secure packaging and will be delivered to our Friends in Technical Service. Failure Follow-up Form will be taken for the delivered products and will be taken back again with this form. Products left to our technical service will be delivered by the relevant importer company or our authorized technical service company. This procedure takes approximately 7-15 days, but the maximum service period is set to 30 working days by law.