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IP and Analog Camera Systems

Camera systems are systems that enable us to prepare a more reliable and more professional environment in many areas of our lives.

What are the camera types and features that will provide these environments?

If we start with IP cameras, it is compatible with both indoor and outdoor environments, card, recording device etc. to work. It is a type of camera that does not require apparatus, has advanced camera technology, can be viewed on a computer, tablet or phone, which can be divided into wired and wireless according to the places of use.

Analog cameras, on the other hand, are of lower quality than IP cameras, but they can provide better performance in low light conditions, which you can find at more affordable prices, cannot work alone, need a DVR device and work over a coaxial cable.

If we look at the differences between Analog camera and IP camera in general;

-While IP cameras can provide better performance with their wireless system in areas where it is difficult to pull a cable, Analog cameras require an extra process because they do not work wirelessly.

-As the IP camera's access is restricted after a certain distance, it must have supporting extra equipment, while the Analog camera can obtain images with a single cable.

-While the IP camera manages all devices separately, it does not require any extra action, while the analog camera requires a separate cable for each security camera.

-While analog cameras record to the DVR, IP cameras compress the images in themselves and then forward them to the NVR recorder. This process of the IP camera ensures that the image is transferred to the recording device in the same quality without any distortion.

Uses of Analog Cameras
  • Hospital
  • Office
  • Universities and Schools
  • Government Buildings
  • Parking
  • Military
  • Bank
  • Land Toutes
  • Factories
  • Store Chains
  • Warehouse and Houses

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