Thermal Camera Systems

Thermal Camera Systems

Thanks to high-precision, collective measurement thermal systems;

with thermometer Unlike individual measurements, the workload and margin of error are minimized while at the same time the accuracy rate and measurement accuracy are maximized. Since it does not require contact, the risk of contamination during the measurement is eliminated.

Hikvision Body Temperature Scan Thermal Solutions with advanced sensors and algorithms, ; Among the communities that move in places such as schools, hospitals, airports, ports, buses, train stations, production facilities, embassy buildings, shopping centers - + 0.3 ℃ with accuracy, at the same time, you can alert the operator with the audible and visual alarm, record unusual situations

Artificial Intelligence Detection

Focuses on Temperature Measurement Areas in the Human Body and Reduces False Alarms from Other Heat Sources.

Dual Spectrum Tracking

Temperature Measurement Thermal and Optical Image is Provided.

Embedded Voice Alarm

When a Person Belonging to High Body Temperature Passes, the Alarm is Triggered and the Operator is Alerted.

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