ptv visum - ulaşım stratejisi ve modelleme

PTV VISUM - Transport Strategy

PTV Visum is a comprehensive, flexible software system for strategic traffic and transport planning. Around the globe, the system is used for metropolitan, regional and state-wide infrastructure planning.

Traffic Master Plan
  • Import road and rail networks from various sources (OSM, shape,Google Transit etc.)
  • Calculate the appropriate multimodal demand model
  • Choose the suitable assignment method for your model and task
Public Transport Planning
  • Optimise line networks
  • Calculate cost-benefit analyses
  • Process operational planning (e.g. line blocking)
Construction And Development Of Roads
  • Optimise traffic flows by optimal improvement of the road network
  • Model different development scenarios
  • Perform environmental impact analyses (e.g. noise, pollutants)
Analysis Of Traffic Engineering Applications
  • Build realistic node impedance models
  • Automatically optimise signal programs
  • Create simulation network for further microscopic analyses
Economic Efficiency Analysis
  • Economic assessment of investments in road construction according to uniform standards
  • Calculate public transport operational costs and revenues from fare systems
  • Support decision-making regarding the measures to be taken