ptv visum - ulaşım stratejisi ve modelleme

PTV VISTRO - Traffic Impact Analysis and Signal Time Optimization

PTV Vistro is the ideal tool for all your traffic analysis needs. Its intuitive user interface places all functions at your fingertips so that you can keep traffic flowing at the touch of a button.

Developing Transportation Master Plans
  • Efficient data entry and storage
  • Integration with ptv visum for incorporation of long-range forecasting data
Performing Corridor Studies
  • Re-design of facilities
  • Identifying proper traffic control devices
  • Evaluating future mitigation needs
Conducting Signal Timing and System Evaluations
  • Intersection, corridor, and network optimization
  • Seamless transition to PTV Vissim for microsimulation
Conducting Traffic Impact Analyses (TIA)
  • Trip generation, distribution, and assignment of development traffic
  • Multiple scenario management
  • Mitigation testing and evaluation
  • Comprehensive, report-ready tables and figures
  • Preview future development traffic with the integrated ptv vissim viewer