red light violation detection

Red Light Violation Detection

The red light infringement system (KITS) detects the violation of the rules by passing through the red light. Accidents caused by system infringement are minimized and contribute to the increase of traffic safety.

KIT uses virtual loop technology to detect light violating devices. Plates belonging to the detected vehicles are detected automatically by the system and transferred to PLATÜRK software. Video analysis techniques can detect violating devices at the same time, and video records of the violations are caught in the center before the violation. If requested, the Red Light Violation Detection System and the Speed ​​Violation Detection System are also integrated.

Images and processed data obtained from the Red Light Violation Detection System (location, license plate, vehicle brand, vehicle color, violation date / time) are transmitted to PLATÜRK Software and criminal receipts are automatically generated and presented to the operator's approval.

Advantages of Red Light Fix Detection System
  • Single stripe and red light violation detection on roads
  • Plate identification7 / 24 red light violation detection
  • Remote access
  • Automatic standby in the event of a fault in the signal
  • Integration to different model interchange controllers
  • Close the system from the center when the traffic policeman manages the junction
  • High resolution video recording
  • Automatic criminal receipt editing