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Hygiene Door

Product Code: SC-HGATE-01
Completely stainless Steel Disinfectant dispenser unit Sensor-controlled operation Stainless..

Biometric Digital Door Lock / Fingerprint

Product Code: SHS-5230XMK-EN
Automatic pop-up thumbprintUp to 100 fingerprints9 passwords ( 4 to 12 digits))Works with 8 batterie..

Encrypted and RFID card door lock

Product Code: SHS-5120XMK
20 card memory (RFID) 13.56 MHz1 password ( 5 digits to 12 digits) )It works with 6 batteries.Ope..


Product Code: SHS-1320
Operation with external battery if the battery end of 20 Card / Password Combination ..


Product Code: SHT-3005WM-EN
Superior 5-inch color TFT LCD displayIt can be increased up to 4 monitors and 2 door cameras.Vide..


Product Code: SHT-3005WA
Superior 5-inch color TFT LCD displayIt can be increased up to 4 monitors and 2 door cameras.Vide..

Color LCD monitor

Product Code: SHT-3006BM-EN
6 " TFT LCD screen16-24V supplyRecessed mountingDouble camera input ( front of apartment and lobb..


Product Code: SHT-3006BMW-EN
6 "Color TFT LCDWhite PanelHandset..


Product Code: SHT-5080XL-EN
Capacitive touch buttons Type House capacity 200 Card, encrypted, the apartment d..

Apartment type doorman and security console

Product Code: SHT552ES/EN
12V DC supplyApartment and front door camera(Lobby phone) used to provide a conversation.Optional..


Product Code: SHT-4004XA-EN
4 "Black / White CRT DisplayUp to 4 monitors and up to two door camerasSelect camera via monitorS..


Product Code: SHT-4004XM-EN
Black / White Video Door Phone 4 inch screen Parallel can be increased up to 4 mo..


Product Code: SHT-IPE100-EN
Indoor Handset ..


Product Code: SHT ZF04/EN
12 - 24V DC Supply Automatic sorting office automatic detection of empty flats ..


Product Code: DP-16101HFI-IP
1 Kanal Video 1 Kanal Ses ® 704 x 576 Çözünürlükte Real-Time Kayıt ve Transfer H...


Product Code: BT-1100
RS232/485 - TCP/IP convertor ..


Product Code: TD-2208
8-Channel Image-Channel 1 Audio Equates, 352x288 Resolution On the Control Pane..


Product Code: FOK-1V1D-SM
Fiber Optic Video Converter 1 Channel Video 1 Channel Data 20 Km 40 Km ..