Dunlop Control Keyboard DP-1003KI


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Dunlop Dunlop Control Keyboard DP-1003KI

Brand: Dunlop   Product Code: DP-1003KI  
  • RS-485 Connection
  • 3 axis Control Arm
  • LCD screen, DVR and NVR Menu Control
  • PTZ Control, Preset, Patrol and Pattern Call and Editing
  • Dunlop DVR / NVR, RS485 PTZ cameras with KB input are available.
Pan & Tilt
PTZ Mode 1 unit RS-485
Hard Disk
Kapasite Up to 31 Devices
General Features
Control Mode RS 485
Joystick 3 Aksis
Power Supply DC 12V / 5W
Working Distance 1200m
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 55°C / %10 ~ %90
Dimension 360 x 200 x 108mm
Weight 3.3Kg