ptv viswalk - pedestrain traffic simulation

PTV VISWALK - Pedestrain Traffic Simulation

Walking always was and remains the most prevalent mode of transport. But unlike vehicles, pedestrians do not follow strict rules. They spontaneously stop, change directions or make sudden turns. We have accepted the challenge and have developed a solution that takes into account the psychology of human walking behaviour.

Facility Planning
  • Analyze capacity and use space efficiently
  • Avoid bottlenecks and remove possible spatial barriers
  • when planning new buildings or assessing the current conditions of existing office space
  • Compare alternative planning variants by the relation of costs to results
Event Planning
  • Visualise the flow of people based on simulation results
  • Realistic routing shows you where facilities like shops, restrooms and escape routes can be placed in an optimal way
  • Evaluate capacities and security procedures
  • Display the simulation results in a comprehensive 2D or 3D environment
Evacuation Analysis
  • Pedestrian safety is of paramount concern, in particular in public places
  • Evaluate numerous structural and organisational measures aimed to reduce and control unmanageable behaviour of people in emergency situations
  • Analyse potential danger and plan pedestrian flows in buildings, stadiums and other facilities
  • Simulate escape routes and evacuation scenarios in highrise buildings and tunnels