ptv vissim - traffic simulation software

PTV VISSIM - Traffic Simulation Software

PTV Vissim is the ideal tool for state-of-the-art transportation planning and operations analysis. The software is designed to assist you in realistically simulating and balancing roadway capacity as well as traffic and transport demand.

Arterial Simulation
  • Model any intersection geometry based on flexible link network
  • Simulate interactions of all modes
  • Analyse queueing characteristics and spillback
  • Verify and fine tune signal timing parameters based on arrival patterns
Motorway Simulation
  • Model demand using static routing or dynamic traffic assignment
  • Simulate active traffic management and intelligent transport systems
  • Test and analyse work zone strategies
Pedestrian Simulation
  • Model pedestrians in multimodal environments
  • Plan evacuation of buildings and special events
  • Use PTV Vissim for capacity planning and create alternative concepts for buildings
Public Transport Simulation
  • Model all details for bus, bus rapid transit, tramway, light rail transit and commuter rail operations
  • Analyse public transport specific operational improvements
  • Test and optimise industry standard public transport signal priority plans

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