dynamic intersection control system

Dynamic Junction Control System (CHAOS)

CHAOSTM, called the dynamic intersection control system, reduces the waiting time of vehicles by optimizing the light durations depending on the number of vehicles at signalized intersections. CHAOSTM provides automatic determination of green light durations at signalized intersections by integrating with intersection control devices. Vehicle density data is transferred to CENTRIS, the Dynamic Junction Control Unit placed externally inside the intersection control device.

The vehicle density data transferred to the CENTRIS unit is analyzed instantly by the system, and the light times at the intersections are continuously optimized. Thus, the waiting time of vehicles at traffic lights is minimized.

With CHAOS TM...
  • Traffic is made more fluid at intersections and on the road sections between intersections.
  • Vehicles' waiting times at intersections, and thus the time they spend in traffic, are minimized.
  • It contributes to the prevention of environmental pollution by reducing toxic gas emission and noise pollution.
  • It contributes to the national economy by reducing fuel consumption.
  • With the safe times produced by the system, red light violations and traffic accidents are reduced.

  • dynamic junction control system

    Intersection Management Based on Vehicle Density with CHAOSTM

    In parallel with the population growth, the number of vehicles in traffic is also increasing. With the increase in the use of vehicles, many problems caused by heavy traffic, especially in big cities, have become an issue that needs to be prevented urgently. Traffic density causes an increase in transportation time, high energy costs due to excessive fuel consumption, and environmental pollution with exhaust gas emissions. CHAOSTM has been developed to prevent these and similar situations. CHAOSTM, which contributes greatly to the improvement of signaling times and regulating traffic, has been implemented in many cities throughout our country.

    Although the Dynamic Intersection Management System CHAOSTM is compatible with all signaling systems, it is applied at the points where it is applied, especially at peak hours (17:00– Between 18:00 and 18:00, it significantly reduces the time lost in traffic and fuel consumption. With the placement of this system at illuminated intersections, it also contributes to the solution of the traffic problem. With the activation of the system, the time that drivers lose in traffic is greatly reduced.

    When the available statistics are examined, it has been determined that the number of red light violations and accidents at the signalized intersections where the system is applied has decreased by 1/3.

    The examined patent of the system titled “A Signal Program Optimization System and Method”, registered by the Turkish Patent Institute, has been registered by TPI with the number 2010/10391 and dated 13.12.2010.

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