corridor speed violation detection

Corridor Speed Detection System

The Corridor Speed ​​Violation Identification System detects vehicles that violate the rule by measuring the average speeds of vehicles that do not meet the speed limits from the two specified points on the highway, highway and foreshortening.

Parallel to the ever increasing traffic intensity, there is an increase in traffic violation cases. Uncontrolled speeds especially on the main roads and road routes of the drivers are also causing mortal accidents. For this reason, it has become inevitable to detect violations of rules in traffic. The system, which detects 24/7 continuous corridor speed infringement, helps increase traffic safety.

The system records the vehicles entering the speedway. The system that matches the vehicle information that is registered with the vehicle information that is leaving the corridor determines the average speed of the vehicles.

The current system also records the vehicles' video recordings on single or multi-lane roads, by means of high-resolution cameras, which detect trailing or side-by-side vehicles. In addition, the speed infringement place, time, date, distance, direction, speed of the vehicle, speed limit, speed violation incident, etc. Information to the penalty receipt. The system can detect speed violation based on speed limits specially defined for the strips.