26 January Videofied

26 January Videofied

“Wireless Alarm System with Camera” in a leading position in climate French Videofied release seminar i was held on 26 January. Pioneering Security Systems seminar Many of our dealers attended the seminar. Promotion, promotion and technical training were given in the promotion of authorized manufacturer promotion in Turkey.

With Videofied alarm products, which are based on radio signals communication by RSI Technologies, which has a history of approximately 22 years, we can now provide security services to your alarm systems, private property and areas that need protection, without the necessity of electricity and internet. How do we do this? With just a few batteries and a sim card.

All Videofied equipments are equipped with the ability to work continuously for up to 4 years thanks to the batteries on them and to communicate with each other wirelessly via GPRS connection via SIM card.

Another feature that distinguishes Videofied equipment, which is used wirelessly and without electricity, from other manufacturers in the market is the built-in cameras in the PIR detectors. Thanks to these cameras, when the system generates an alarm, it has the ability to send 10-second videos to both the Alarm Monitoring Center and the user in a maximum period of 60 seconds.

Our seminars continue at full speed in order to better present the quality of Videofied, which is the first and only manufacturer of Camera Wireless Alarm Systems in the world electronic security sector, to our valued customers. If you want to be a Videofied authorized dealer, please notify your sales representatives about your seminar attendance requests.