21-23 December Antalya Training Seminar

Our Central Anatolia Region Dealers event, which we organized in Antalya on 20-21-22 December, ended with success. Each topic in our seminar, which was followed with a very high level of participation and interest, received special attention in itself.

In the Friday evening session of our seminar, a special engineering study was carried out that did not include any product or brand. The Project process, where most of our dealers actually implemented certain parts but did not carry out this in a plan from the beginning to the end, was explained with each stage. For CCTV Design, how all the stages of the project are detailed, how the subjects in other disciplines are related to us, the detailed choices in product selection and the project process in which these are documented within a system were explained with examples, and finally, the final stage of the process was reached with the preparation of the budget proposal. This section, which attracted a lot of attention, received full marks from all our participants.

On the second day, the new generation CCTV systems and the latest technology were presented with a presentation enriched with visuals. By mentioning the demands and exemplary projects in our country, our dealers were helped to make their business plans for 2019 more accurately.

After the section on technology, Access Control Systems and Video Video Intercom Systems, which are the new sections in the product portfolio, were explained in practice. After this episode, one of the most interesting parts of our event, Axxonsoft VMS & PSIM software solutions and Hikvision Access Control Systems integration were realized with presentation and real integration application. After the newest features and success stories on the subject, the seminar continued for a long time with question-answer and interactive.

In the next section, another section that everyone is very curious about, Industrial Radio and wireless solutions were shown in detail to our dealers, and in this section, the subject was explained in detail by receiving more questions and requests than we get in a regular seminar. Although the hour of our seminar was full according to the normal program, it continued for approximately 2.5 hours upon request, and presentations of particularly requested topics were made.

In the last session, the Video Verified Alarm System, Fire and Gas Detection System, and finally the Secon pole group, which is our own production for special needs in CCTV systems, was introduced. Our seminar ended with questions, special drawing and group photo.

In short, we held an interactive seminar, which is much needed by our industry, where our Hikvision, Secon, Axxon, Videofied, Infinet, Cofem brands were introduced in detail, more than 50 special success stories were explained in detail, and important engineering information was given. We sincerely thank all our participants, especially Öncü Güvenlik, ASR Teknoloji employees, and invite everyone to our next event, January 5, Kayseri Technology Summit seminar.